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Cigars are a thing of beauty...and as they say “a thing of beauty is a joy"

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The finest Cuban hand rolled cigars made from a variety of international leaves from Honduras,Nicaragua and Dominican Republic.

The Perfect Cigar

In today’s busy world enjoying  a great cigar, even if only occasionally is a beautiful thing.  Cigar smoking is a relaxing art form with many intricacies. La Faraona Cigar's offers many different types of wrappers, sizes, shapes and strengths to choose from. Although these multiple options provide each individual a unique smoking experience.
How to choose the perfect stick for your enjoyment. 

A cigar’s flavor is derived largely from its wrapper. One of the most common wrapper used at La Faraona Cigar's  is a Connecticut-shade leaf, which has a light tan color and thin, elastic quality. Generally speaking Connecticut shade, or similarly, Ecuador wrappers, tend to be milder in body. Another wrapper used is Maduro. This type of leaf is typically grown at the “crown” or top of the leaf and gets the most sun exposure; then after cultivation it undergoes a fermentation process that brings all of the oils and sugars to the surface creating a leaf very dark in color. Maduro wrappers typically lend a slight sweetness.

LaFaraona Cigar's basically come in three different strengths: mild, medium, and full-bodied. A mild cigar will have less of an impact on the palate than a full-bodied smoke. A seasoned aficionado will probably choose a medium to full-bodied cigar simply because those individuals have developed a taste for richer, stronger and more robust cigars. Also, the longer a cigar ages, the mellower it becomes as any lingering acidic content diminishes and the tobaccos blend and marry, producing a smooth smoke. Occasional smokers should stay away from full-bodied cigars and choose a nice mild-bodied stick, perhaps one utilizing a Connecticut shade wrapper. 

La Faraona Cigar's makes cigars in different  ring gauges and lengths since they drive  key component  of style, construction, and burning experience. Cigar consumers continue to demand more variety in both thickness and length, making 50-ring vitolas commonplace. In fact our customers regularly order cigars boasting thick 58 and 60-ring frames and beyond. We also make special figurados and "artisan" style cigars, such as Perfectos and Salomons which contain several different thicknesses throughout the ‘barrel’ of the cigar. These are extremely difficult to roll but deliver a unique concentration of flavor to the palate.The thicker the cigar, the cooler the smoke. Thinner sizes tend to burn hot as you approach the nub.The thickness of a cigar can drastically change the flavor due to the ratio of wrapper to filler. Thin cigars contain a lower proportion of filler, so the wrapper will play a more dominant role in flavor and strength. The same blend in a thicker format will differ in taste.We utilizes more filler leaf, allowing us to become more creative with the blend. Some  enthusiasts are loyal to a specific ring gauge  due to mouth and hand feel. However, many focus on flavor and strength. If this is you, you probably enjoy different cigar sizes.This is the fun part! A chance to really dig into favorite blends to discover new and exciting tastes you may be missing out on.